My beloved Father, Shri J.P. Narayanaswamy (1952-2017) was an adventurous entrepreneur, an astute businessman and a philanthropist. Though he was born in a poor family he was very ambitious right from his childhood. He strived his way up in life by adapting the many ideals and values, he strongly believed in his strength, goal and philosophy. He had a Midas touch; all his ventures were extremely successful. Being a successful businessman, he was generous, sympathetic and responded to the hardships of the poor. He had a grand vision to play a formative role in the upliftment of society and the under-privileged sections at large. He took a lead role in planning of social activities & projects and also followed on their execution on routine basis. He made it a mission to provide education, employment opportunities, and Health to empower the downtrodden society and more emphasis on women and children. He served as the president of the Karnataka Pradesh Arya Ediga Sangha for almost a decade and until his last days. He deeply believed in impacting the society at large by uplifting the less fortunate. He believed that the most powerful catalyst for social transformation was education and therefore during his tenure as President he implemented several progressive projects like building hostels and organising scholarships for the benefit of the students. He firmly believed that education empowers a person to earn a decent livelihood and for that, only an empowered family; especially the mother, would be willing to educate their child.

He also held the position of President in the Sri Sudha Co-operative Bank. He believed that financial prudence was one skill that every budding entrepreneur should possess. He diversified the Bank by opening branches across the Bengaluru District which benefitted and empowered many upcoming businessmen. He was well connected in all strata of society and used his connections to help the deserving and needy. Through his numerous businesses he provided direct and indirect employment to thousands of people in his lifetime.

His untimely demise created a huge void that seemed difficult to be filled. his contemporaries and followers have formed this Pratistana in his memory.
At JPNP, we envision a world where the socially and economically ostracized people are reintegrated into society. We are committed to the education of the underprivileged, economic development of the oppressed class, empowerment of the disabled & marginalized, and the rehabilitation of the divyaang. We wish to put together a strong team of would like-minded, kind-hearted people to build a community where everyone has equal opportunity and support.

The objective of the trust is to follow and make JPN’s dreams and vision come true. The Pratistana intends to initiate a wide range of activities to support the education of the poor, promotion of talented poor students, our culture, social, educational, health and literary activities. to provide scholarships to talented but marginalized students, who are unable to continue their education due to financial constraints. The trust aims to help the disabled, elderly, sick and to enable the students from the community for IAS/KAS examinations. Encouraging higher education amongst students and recognizing talented people across fields is also a dear objective. The trust is also working towards providing clean drinking water by installing RO plants across the area and the community.